Keyboards 2019

Check out these music leaders in action! 1C student performing black key patterns 3Jarr student performing “Hot Cross Buns” 1N student improvising “Thunder Storm” song 1N student improvising “Jingle Bells at the Beach” song Kindergarten keyboard explorers

Specials Night Success!

KLA Specials Nights 2017 was synergy at it’s finest!  Congratulations students and families for making this event a fabulous learning experience for all!

Improvising on the black keys!

All students have been making a plan and performing improvised songs on the black keys of the keyboard. Check out these videos of students in action: 2nd-grade students rehearsing an improvised duet 5th-grade student and teacher demonstrating an improvised duet        

Specials Nights Coming Soon!

We are so excited to celebrate, share and make music with you!  ALL students will have a special leader role for the music portion of specials night.  Ask your student for more information! AK-2nd Grade = May 2, 2017; 6:00pm 3rd-5th Grade = May 9, 2017; 6:00pm

Music Connects

Check out this 4th-grade student synthesizing the connections he has made between music and other school subjects! Video; 4th-grade student  

Making Connections: Music & Culture

Students in all grades discussed and experienced music from African American History.  We began in Ghana then traveled to the United States, experiencing music from slavery through segregation and the Civil Rights movement through popular music today. Every grade had a version of the worksheet below that we used to summarize our learning.  At the end, students had an opportunity to…

Music Conference Questions

If your student didn’t get to show you at conferences, please ask them the following questions: What instrument family have you been playing in the music room?  (Hint: puh, puh, puh) What are the 3 ways percussion instruments can be played?  (Hint: strike, strike, strike!) Show me the proper form for playing the mallet instruments.  (Hint:…

Save the Date!

KLA Specials Nights! AK-2nd Grade: Tuesday May 2, 6:00-7:30pm 3rd-5th Grade: Tuesday May 9, 6:00-7:30pm Together we will share, experience and celebrate the learning and fun of ART, MUSIC and P.E. at KLA!  More details will be shared as the evening approaches.        

Student Conductors!

Check out these links of student conductors at KLA!  Conductors directed the group any way they wanted and the students playing instruments responded to the cues of the conductor while improvising on their percussion instruments. Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 4th Grade 4th Grade #2 5th Grade