Box Tops Rocks!

Check out all of these awesome instruments, manipulatives and instructional materials purchased for the KLA music room through the Box Tops program!


  • 80 new recorders (we now have enough for every 4th and 5th grade student!)
  • Recorder curriculum
  • John Fierabend’s Song Story picture book set (12 total)
  • Bean bags
  • Instruments: rain sticks, ocean drum, thunder tube, slap stick, vibra-slap, slide whistle, train whistle, stirring pot, jingle bells
  • Get America Singing volume’s 1 and 2
  • Mallet Madness Orff and percussion curriculum
  • Children’s literature to incorporate in music lessons
  • Pulse Multi-cultural Stomp dvd

Thank you to all KLA families that participate in the Box Tops program!  Thank you also to Joni Salazar for her organization of the program as well as all of the volunteers who assist her with the process.  These much needed materials are greatly appreciated; they will bring enjoyment and enrichment to all KLA students this year and for many years to come!  Thank you so much!





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