Kenwood Chorus

Who?        Kenwood Chorus is for any KLA 4th or 5th grade student who enjoys singing. What?      Students in Kenwood Chorus will help decide the music we sing and what type of performances we arrange. When?        Rehearsals – Thursday mornings 7:45-8:35* beginning January 26th through March 30th (no rehearsal March 16 during Spring Break). *Students who need…

Cocoa and Carols

Join 5th grade KLA students today (Saturday Dec 10) at Washington High School at 11am for a 5-12th grade vocal program.  Cocoa and cookies included!  Tickets purchased at the door $3/person or $10/family.

Box Tops Rocks!

Check out all of these awesome instruments, manipulatives and instructional materials purchased for the KLA music room through the Box Tops program! Purchased: 80 new recorders (we now have enough for every 4th and 5th grade student!) Recorder curriculum John Fierabend’s Song Story picture book set (12 total) Bean bags Instruments: rain sticks, ocean drum, thunder…

Symphony IV

4th-grade students had a great time at the Paramount Theater watching Orchestra Iowa today! One of our students was even in the Discovery Chorus, if you look closely you can see her (2nd row, furthest student on the right)!  

Symphony IV

All 4th-grade students in the Cedar Rapids School District will be attending Symphony IV at the Paramount Theater in downtown Cedar Rapids on Monday November 14th. This special annual event is presented by Orchestra Iowa and will be featuring the Discovery Children’s Chorus. The music. The concert will be featuring music by famous Czech composer,…

KLA Duet

Check out this brother (Kindergarten) and sister (2nd Grade) rocking our KLA song for their mom and dad! KLA Duet Video

5th Grade Videos

Congratulations to KLA 5th graders for your successful demonstration performances!  A special thanks to Orchestra Iowa and other community partners that make this program possible throughout CRCSD.  Click on these links to view the KLA performances. Lawler Group A Lawler Group B Mooberry Group A Mooberry Group B

Music Conferences

Please stop by the music room for conferences this week!  The students have been practicing skills they would like to show you.  I will be at Kenwood 6:15-8:00pm Tuesday (October 25) and 4:00-8:00pm Thursday (October 27).  If your conference is at a different time, you will find signs on the music room door to guide you.  If you…

Why are we here?

All music classes have been talking about the PURPOSE of music class.  Watch and listen to this 4th-grade class as they perform the answer to the question, “why are we here?” 4th Grade Video